Google Maps direction not working in Android

Become Expert to fix Google Maps direction not working in Android

Google Maps is a splendid feature of the Google service that offers an amazing way to search out the direction of your house and office. This kind of service is unpredictable and it has brilliant technology to search for every detail of the location you are searching for. Most of the people are quite active to notice an error and in recent times Google Map users have reported an error in connection with the direction that is not working fine on an Android smartphone.

It is necessary to know the cause of the error helps you to know the clue to solve this trouble soon. There are a number of ways to fix Google maps directions, not working issues, through which help you can use your Google Map without any technical snags at any time.

Solution 1:

Check the internet connection:

When you start searching for the location using the direction mode on your Google Map, it is drastically important to check the internet connection. When you find your internet is not working fine, it will be important to check out the WI-FI or router to get the connection of the internet and start Google Maps' direction to work fine perfectly.

Solution No-2:

Reset Google Play Service:

It is said that Google Maps is typically associated with Google Play service due to which it functions in an efficient manner. But still, if there is an error, you should try to fix using ideas.

Take a look at the steps to fix Google Maps directions by resetting Google Play services:

  • At first, open play service and go to the settings and then select the apps manager and locate on Google play service.
  • You need to select the data that you need to clear and click on the reset button to make fresh everything.
  • You must wait for a minute and then sign-in again using its proper credential eventually.

Solution No-3:

Clear the Cache

Sometimes due to the huge traffic of the internet service, it is important to clear the cache and cookies files that lead to the solution soon.

Have a look at the ways to clear the cache to fix Google Maps direction:

  • At first, go to Google Maps and then select the settings to go to the cache file.
  • You must select the whole date and then select the necessary to file to remove the cache.
  • Click on the remove button and then press the done button to user Google Map service finally.

Solution 4:

Calibrate the compass

It is said that when you notice with your Google maps directions not working fine, you need to make sure to calibrate the compass that fixes such kind of the issue soon.

Here we go with the steps to fix it soon:

  • Make sure you have opened Google Maps and then click on the blue button is the mark of location indication.
  • You can make a figure 8 until your compass is calibrated and make sure it is becoming narrow and lets it point in the right direction.

Solution 5:

Enable the High Accuracy mode

It is important to check out the accurate signal that is required to your Google Maps but if it is facing trouble, you need to enable its high accuracy from the Google Maps settings. You must select the mode tab where you can find the high accuracy to enable.

Notwithstanding, if you find something wrong to fix Google Maps direction not working fine, you must contact our tech support team to know more about its solution at any time.

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