Quickbooks Not Responding When Printing

Here What You Need To Do When QuickBooks Is Unable To Respond While Printing

One of the major benefits that users can take from QuickBooks is the direct printing of QB documents. However, there are times when due to various reasons, users get unable to print from their QuickBooks program. Besides, this can be cause due to missing or corrupt components in the program, printer issues, computer defects. So, if you are also facing such issues with your QuickBooks program then here what you need to know about fixing it without any hassle.

Common Reasons That Causes Printing Issues In QuickBooks

The following are the few most common reasons that usually can make your QuickBooks not responding when printing.

QuickBooks is unable to connect with printer, Microsoft XPS Document Writer or both.

QuickBooks is unable to fetch PDF files due to damaged components or freezing issues for syncing.

Freezing issues in QuickBooks because of unresponsive XPS port, missing XPS printer drivers or PDF conversion issues of XPS writer.

Print Command & communication issues in PC.

Readability issues in QuickBooks desktop application.

Simple Steps To Fix Printing Issues With QuickBooks

Now, it could be quite hard sometimes to figure out the exact Cause of QuickBooks wont Print issue, but one can still try to fix them via applying some all-in-one solutions. Here how.

Check Your Printer Normally For Print

At first, open Microsoft Word/Notepad in your PC, enter some text for print and then move to the file menu.

Here, select the Print option and then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm the print for your text. If the printer successfully prints the entered text, then there nothing wrong with your devices driver.

Steps For Fixing Issues On Your Printer

At first, turn off your printer device and then follow the things below to fix issues with it and turn it back on.

  • Ensure to clean the print head, paper tray and then check the ink cartridges.
  • Ensure that the cables of the device are strongly connected with the power source.
  • All the printers drivers are properly installed on your PC.

Now, turn on the printer and then navigate to the Windows Control Panel in your PC.

Here, select Printer, right click on it and then Select Use Printer Online option.

Now, try printing the Windows Test Page, if it prints then your printer is perfectly fine. But if not then:

Either your printer isn’t working or your computer (try connecting your printer to another PC to check print)

Or contact the printers manufacturer tech-support for better assistance.

Fixing QuickBooks Print Issues Via Using The QuickBooks Print & Repair Tool

The following steps will help you to fix the Cause of QuickBooks wont Print issue via using the QB tool.

In your PC, find the QBPrint.qbp file (For Windows version 7 or further, the file can be found in the Intuit folder in the programs folder).

Right click on the file, rename it, and then launch QuickBooks.

Here, a new QBprint.qbp will be automatically created and then you l need to open the transaction with you were facing the issue while creating the PDF file.

Now, try to print the file from your QuickBooks Sample company File to verify if the issue is solved now.

Furthermore, if you don’t find the aforementioned helpful then feel free to get in touch with the tech-support experts at QuickBooks. They will surely assist you better on how to fix printing problems in QuickBooks.

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