Quickbooks Crashes When Sending Invoice

How to fix QuickBooks Crashing while Sending Emailing Invoices?

QuickBook is one of the most used accounting software’s in countries like USA. Today business world is soaring high in the sky with more corporate companies adding to the market value. However, to make things easier, a lot of users prefer using software tools to keep a record of all the accounts and data. And Quick book is one such accounting tool which is used by a lot of businessmen.

Technical bug occurring in QuickBooks

A lot of times users who use this software application, often complain that Quickbooks keep crashing when emailing invoices. As the part of the work, users create a lot of documents and files. And one such common error happens when if you are trying to email any invoice or receipt to anyone. There are a lot of users who complain of technical bugs that hampers their work in which Quick book crashing while sharing invoice is the most common one.

Reasons Behind Quickbook Crashing

The most common reason behind Quickbook crashing is the network issue.  But still, to understand the concept of why Quickbooks keeps crashing when emailing invoices you can tap on the below-given points.

1. If you have not installed the QuickBook properly then while working, it can create problems like one in sending an invoice.

2. In case the device which you use to log in and run QuickBook programs is corrupted, even then it will stop working. A lot of times, malware or viruses end up in device because of which a lot of applications face difficulty.

3. Also, another reason for this issue is if by mistake you remove that file only which has to be sent then also QuickBook might crash.

Stages of QuickBook Crashing

1. This error can occur while emailing invoice

2. Also if in case of attaching or creating a document

3. While saving a document

4. Or while working on the desktop of Quickbook

5. This error can also occur if any user is opening any report on the Quickbook or maybe opening the check register.

Steps to fix the QuickBook crashing while sending the invoice

To be able to fix QuickBooks Crash com error while Mailing Invoices, you can use any of the basic troubleshooting methods and resolve the issue. Tap below to find steps in details.

1. If QuickBook is not working at all, then, first of all, open your Outlook account and update it. To be able to update the Outlook account, you can go to the settings of the application and tap on the update button and wait till the installation does not finish.

2. Suppose if you mostly use Outlook only to exchange emails or to send invoice then add it as your default email address. You can add it as the common email receiver and sender with which you can save the site to crash while sharing invoices.

3. You can add an email account from the Outlook. For doing so, click on the file menu in the Outlook section and tap on the add account. Now, type the email address that you want to add and tap on connects option. Once the Outlook identifies the host server, the mail will be successfully added back in the account. Last but not the least, you can add the email password and hence you will be done!

4. Make sure to update your QuickBook desktop from time to time. For doing so, close the desktop screen and tap on Run as administrator link. After this, you can click on update now and confirm the download.

5. If the issue is in the windows or maybe MS-Office then you can update it. For fixing the bug, go to the settings and download the latest version of the tools.

6. You can also set up a new Outlook mail profile. All you have to do is, go to the mail setup section and follow the instructions to create a new mail.

7. Last but not the least, if none of the above steps really work then add windows admin user as this might fix your issue to a great extent. For doing this, you can create a windows user with the administrator rights.

And hence you are done! With the help of the following steps, the user can easily fix the issue of QuickBook crashing. And just in case the issue does not resolve then contact customer care team.

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