How To Remove Password Protection From RAR File

Simple ways to remove password protection from RAR file?

RAR (Roshal Archive) files are the compressed archive files. We can compress large size installation files and the software to make the sharing easy. These files can be stored on the server to be downloaded using the internet.

These files when downloaded they are generally encrypted with the password to make it secure. Most of the time the password is unknown for the user and there you need to remove password protection from RAR file.

We have discussed 3 ways to remove the password from RAR file you want to use without knowing the password as follows:

Convert the file in another format:

You can use an online file format converter to convert the format of the RAR file into Zip format and if there is a password on the RAR file, it will be broken and you don’t need to enter any password while using the file in Zip format. You need to go to the webpage of any format converter and choose the RAR file which you want to convert. Then you need to select the format to ZIP and click on the option such as continue, Ok, etc. to complete the conversion. You will get the ZIP file which can be used without a password.

Remove RAR password using the notepad:

The notepad is a common application in all the windows laptops and desktops which is used to make the notes. But most of us don’t know that we can crack the password of a protected RAR file by following the given steps using the notepad on our device:

Open the notepad in your computer

Copy the following code in the note pad

Not save the notepad file with the name rar-password.bat

Now you need to open the command prompt window in your device

Type the name of the RAR file in the CMD window

Press the enter key to archive the password

Now you can see the password which can be used to install the RAR file in your system.

Use RAR Password Remover:

You can download RAR password remover software in your system and then you need to select the RAR file, in the recovery method you need to select the mask recovery. You will be able to recover the password easily using the onscreen instructions on the software window.

Hopefully, you will be able to install the RAR file in your system using one of the given methods if you don’t know the password of the file. This is how to remove a password from a RAR file to install it in your system.

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