How Do I Set Up Avast Antivirus?

To set up the antivirus for your system, it is necessary to ensure that you have selected the correct steps. Then you'll be able to set up the Antivirus without any delay. You won’t even need the help of an expert for this.

Steps: How To Set Up the Avast Antivirus?

Setting up the Avast Antivirus is undoubtedly very easy. You only need to stick to the steps which are provided below. So, if you want to know, “How do I set up Avast Antivirus?” Then the answer lies down. 

  • Get on the official website of Avast Antivirus. 
  • Tap “Avast free antivirus.” 
  • You need to select the button for the downloaded setup. 
  • In the context menu, you need to choose the option of “Run as administrator.” 
  • If you are asked for permission from the “Use Account Control dialog,” you need to choose the option of “Yes.” 
  • Now you need to choose the language of your convenience. It would help to select the language from the top right corner. There you’ll be able to make the selection of the language. 
  • Once you have selected the language, then click the button “Install,” and then you’ll be able to proceed further with the default installation. 
  • You can even select the button to customize if you want to make any changes at your convenience. 
  • Wait for the installation of the Avast antivirus to complete. 
  • Once the setup is complete, then you need to choose the option of “Continue.” 
  • To initiate the comprehensive intelligent scan, tap the option “Run the first scan.” This will be able to detect viruses. 
  • Now the antivirus is installed, and you're ready to use it. However, it might not work correctly until you have restarted your system. 

Should I use Avast with Windows 10?

Avast antivirus is built for Mac, Android, and Windows. If you want to install it on Windows 10, you can certainly do that. However, Windows 10 is also having inbuilt antivirus. But an additional installation of the antivirus is always going to be beneficial for you.

How do I Download Avast Antivirus for Windows 10?

To download the Avast antivirus for Windows 10, you only need to be on the official website of Windows 10. After that, you need to choose the options which are given below.

  • Get on the official website of Avast. 
  • Now select the “Free download” button on the homepage. 
  • Automatically a file will be downloaded. 
  • Open the installation setup and continue further with the process of installation. 

How do I Enable Avast on my Computer?

Once you have downloaded the Avast antivirus and installed it, then it is necessary to make the activation of this antivirus. Only then is it going to be useful for you.

  • In the windows taskbar, you need to make a right click. 
  • From the options, you need to choose the option “Registration information.”
  • Make the selection of the “My subscription” option. 
  • Now you need to select the option of “activate now” and choose Avast free antivirus. 
  • You need to click the “Select” option in the free antivirus column. 
  • You have successfully activated the Avast antivirus. 

How To Set Avast as the Default Antivirus?

To make your Avast antivirus the default one, you must choose the options below. That will ensure that you have your issue fixed without delay. 

  • You need to click the start button of the windows. 
  • Now select the settings option. 
  • Tap the update and security buttons. 
  • You’ll see the possibility of windows security and then “Virus and threat protection.” 
  • It would help if you chose Avast and the default antivirus. 

That is it. You have successfully set up your default antivirus. Now your system is completely protected. This is undoubtedly going to help you out. Now you can surf the internet and download files without worrying about any viruses. 

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