How Do I Reset My Arris Internet

Arris has been one of the most preferred brands by customers to get internet services, which are reliable and can be wholly trusted. However, there can be times when one might have some difficulties with their Arris network, as all things technical do. Still, these hiccups can be overcome smoothly by following a set of steps discussed ahead. If you ask, “How do I reset my Arris internet?” to get your internet connections sorted, read the upcoming sections to know more.

What happens if I reset my Arris router?

  • The majority of Arris routers are designed so that the reset, also known as factory reset in a more convincing manner, can be made easily by common non-technical folk. 
  • Almost all Arris modems and routers have a physical reset button through which the factory reset can be performed.
  • Apart from this button, there’s always the option of resetting the devices through their local webpage.

Physical Reset:

The reset button is on the exterior of the majority of Arris routers or modems. Those who want to check if their device has this button can search using the model name of their device on the internet, where one can find the router and modem details easily, along with the button arrangement images. If one asks, “How do I get my Arris modem back online?” they can locate the reset button, use any thin object like a pencil front or a paper clip to press the button, and then hold it for 20 secs. The device will start the factory reset, and the process will be completed anywhere around 30 mins from the reset. Once reset, the device can be set up again to be used.

Via log-in page:

  • Use the default gateway IP of the router/ modem, and search using this on a browser.
  • Use the admin username and password of the device to log in.
  • Next, select the factory reset to reset the device.

How to get my Arris internet working?

Arris internet services might not work due to variegated reasons. It usually happens due to a malfunctioning router or modem, and one can try to check every wire to make sure they are well connected. These can be the probable reason if one ponders, “Why is my Arris Wi-Fi not working?” Furthermore, one can try a hard reset by plugging and unplugging the power cord directly. The last resort is always to do a factory reset on the device.

  • If the device’s light is flashing, it may happen that the device is installing a firmware upgrade. 
  • It may also happen that the device has lost connection to the internet service, indicating that the router or modem is fine, but Arris is having issues from the backend with their connection. 
  • One can wait in such scenarios for the internet services to resume.

Before one goes through a factory reset, they should ask, “What happens if I reset my Arris modem?” And the answer is that the device will lose all settings, saved configurations, and passwords, and one will have to set up the device with the internet connection again to use it.

The Arris customer support can be contacted for further assistance on a nonfunctioning internet connection.

What do I do if I forgot my Arris Router Username and Password?

Router settings are of vital importance as it offers internet access to users. Facing router troubles and issues can be highly frustrating. One can get technical help as support from the technical experts for their router. Yet, there are some simple troubleshooting options available that you can try if you want to reset your Arris router set username and password.

Are you confused about What do I do if I forgot my Arris router username and password? Users can stick to multiple ways in order to find solutions in such conditions. Here are some of the steps that are going to help with a forgotten username and password associated with an Arris router:

Perform a pin-hole reset

  • People need to find the pin-hole reset button at the back of their Arris modem. 
  • Hitting this button will restore all of the default settings, including the wifi channel and network name. 
  • People need to push and hold the button for about 15 seconds using a paper clip or something. 
  • You can see the lights flashing on the modem after the reset is successfully completed. 

Set a new password for your Arris router

  • First and foremost, people need to open a web browser and enter “” in the address bar. 
  • Mention the username “cusadmin” (lowercase). 
  • People need to mention the current password when prompted. This can be found on the white sticker on the modem. 
  • Select the ‘manage wifi network’ option on the page. 
  • Next, users need to select a 2.4G or 5G tab for the network for setting the password. 
  • Users need to mention a new password in the passphrase field. 
  • Hit the ‘Apply’ option before closing the window.

Let us now consider a few questions revolving around Arris router username and password. Users can contemplate router settings by referring to the below-mentioned questions.

How do I find my Arris Router Username and Password?

  • People will find the password and username option on the login window for router configuration. 
  • The default username is ‘admin’. 
  • The default password is ‘password’.

What are the default username and password for the Arris Modem?

The default settings for the modem are as follows: 

Username: admin. 

Password: password. 

These are case sensitive and it is recommended by Arris that users change the router default admin username and password after logging onto the SBR-AC 1200P for the first time. 

How Do I Reset my Arris Router To Factory Settings?

Users can find it interesting that changing the Arris router to factory settings can make a huge difference as far as the router’s performance is concerned. If you are facing issues with a slower network, you can roll back to factory default settings to ensure faster network connectivity for your connected devices. Here is a step-by-step guide to resetting the Arris router to factory settings. 

There are two options available to reset the router to factory settings:

  • Reset via the reset button on the router. 
  • Reset using the router web interface. 

The steps for factory reset for the Arris router using the reset button are as follows: 

  • People need to access the reset button usually present at the back of the router or modem. 
  • One can also refer to the router manual in order to locate the reset button for their device. 
  • Users need to hold the button for about 15 seconds or more. One can also use a paper clip or a pin for this purpose. 
  • It will take a few minutes for the reset to complete. 

Let us consider the reset steps for the router web interface: 

  • Locate the following option: security or utilities. 
  • Next, select the default settings option to proceed with the factory reset for your device. 
  • Wait for a while till the reset completes for your router.

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