How do I fix my SaskTel WiFi

This entire article will help and guide you with the troubleshooting ways to fix your SaskTel Wi-Fi. There are many reasons why your Sasktel internet keeps disconnecting from your devices. Facing a continuous drop in your internet connection could lead to frustration for some users, so if your Sasktel Wi-Fi is not performing well or facing some errors and you want to fix it, keep reading this post till the end to get the solution. Before we move forward with the troubleshooting techniques to fix your SaskTel Wi-Fi, let's review some of the common problems that become a reason behind the SaskTel Wi-Fi not working properly.

Common Reasons Behind Sasktel Wi-Fi not Working

  • Power outage
  • Broken cable or wires due to digging
  • Weather conditions such as wet climate
  • Wear and tear of types of equipment
  • Overhead lines hit by machinery
  • Server issue
  • An unwanted virus or malware has taken over your browser or device 

How To Fix the SaskTel internet keeps disconnecting issue?

The tips down below will help you speed up the SaskTel internet and keep it stable in case of having trouble while using it on your device; you can refer to the following solution: 

  • Shut down all the high bandwidth activities like watching a High streaming video or playing the game to avoid the continuous drop of Sasktel Wi-Fi.
  • Be seated as close to your router as you can when using the Sasktel internet.
  • Try to disconnect all the unnecessary wireless and cordless devices from your SaskTel Wi-Fi to avoid the traffic on internet usage.
  • Make sure you are using the latest updated version of your device on which you are using the SaskTel Wi-Fi, as this could also lead to a slow internet issue. 
  • Make sure to connect your Wi-Fi using a wired connection on the devices accepting the same such as smart TV.
  • Avoid using your Sasktel Wi-Fi in a crowded place, as too many users using the same network can slow down the internet speed.

How do I reset my Sasktel Wi-Fi?

Before proceeding further with the Sasktel Wi-Fi reset procedure, users need to ensure that they have an active Sasktel internet plan on their router. You also need to test your internet speed on your device, so if you are done trying both of these tricks, it's time to reset your password by following step by step guidance pointed down below: 

  1. First, ensure that your computer is securely equipped to your gateway by an ethernet cable. 
  2. Now unplug the power cord from the source, wait for 30 seconds, and plug it back again. 
  3. Wait for at least 2 minutes and let your router reboot by itself.
  4. The next step is to restart your computer or whatever device you wish to use, the SaskTel Wi-Fi. 
  5. Finally, run the speed test on your browser to see if the internet speed has got improved or not.

So the ways mentioned above in this article will help you fix the slow internet issue with your Sasktel device. If you can not still fix the problem yourself, do not hesitate to reach out to the SaskTel Wi-Fi customer service using a phone call, live chat, email method, etc.

How do I update my SaskTel Wi-Fi?

If you wish to update your SaskTel Wi-Fi, here you can follow the simple procedure below.

Update on Mobile App

  • Open the mobile application of mySASKTEL
  • Click services
  • Click on the login to see all services button and then log in using credentials.
  • Swipe your account with internet service at the top
  • Tap the internet button
  • Now see the password page by swiping the top menu
  • Hit the tab Wi-Fi
  • If more than one serial number is there, choose one of your gateways.
  • Enter the new password two times
  • Hit save
  • Update the Wi-Fi password for all devices which are connected to our in-home Wi-Fi

Update On Browser

  • Sign in to mySASKTEL
  • Click internet, under Manage services
  • Tap Password and then Wi-Fi
  • Choose your serial number if there is more than one serial number in the dropdown.
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Hit the submit tab
  • Update the Wi-Fi password for all your devices

How do I Test my SaskTel Router?

To run the internet speed test of your SaskTel router, you must have an updated browser; JavaScript enabled on your browser. You need to run the speed test on a stand-alone system or computer connected to your SaskTel gateway through an ethernet cable. Besides, ensure that no wireless devices are using Wi-Fi.

Ensure to not run a speed test on the device connected to Wi-Fi because the result might vary based on:

  • Device distance from the gateway
  • Age and technology of the wireless device 
  • Electrical and wireless interference
  • Number of devices connected to the same Wi-Fi same time

Running a speed test of your Wi-Fi

  • Go to Internet speed test websites
  • Click on the tab to begin the speed test
  • Click on Go
  • Using the process above, your download speed and upload speed get tested. You see the results for latency and jitter.

How do I access my SaskTel Router?

  • Open a browser using your home computer or other wireless devices
  • Go to http://172.16.1254 to open a new tab or window in the browser, and the page will remain open behind it
  • You get to see a login screen for the ARRIS gateway; in case you face any issue or it doesn't work, call on the SaskTel customer support team
  • Enter admin in the username box
  • Enter the access code of your device from the ARRIS gateway bottom in the password field
  • Click the tab to continue.

Using the procedure above, you can access my SASKTEL router anytime. Besides, if you wish SaskTel to change your Wi-Fi name, follow the steps.

Change the SaskTel Wi-Fi Name

To make the change, you need to sign in to mySASKTEL 

Click on the tab View Organization

Click internet under the tab Manage services: 

  • If no internet services are associated with the account, you will see a private SSID name and option
  • I have other internet service associated; select No service address from the Service account details

Choose the action below in the password and IDs box

Enter the new SSID name

When you have more than 1 SSID, choose 1 to change from the dropdown 

In case you change your SSID name, enter a password and confirm it

The SSID name change gets completed immediately, but updating it in my SASKTEL takes time.

Enter the new password

When you have more than 1 SSID, choose the SSID you want to change the password for 

Enter a new password having at least eight character

Move/Add/delete Private SSID

You need to fill out the Private SSID request form.

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