BT Internet Not Working

How to deal with BT internet not working problems?

People who are using BT broadband connection may encounter some issues in the smooth working of the internet. This problem may occur due to various reasons, plus it annoys people if they have some urgent work to do. Although some tricks may help to fix the BT internet problem successfully still at first you have to ensure that the issue is with the internet not with the device on which you are trying to access the internet. However, to check whether the device is causing difficulty, or the BT internet is not working, you have to connect the internet with a different device. Therefore, if online pages don't load on the other device, then the problem is with your BT internet connection. Moreover, the techniques you must follow to fix the BT internet not working problems by yourself are as discussed below. 

Reboot BT Hub:

You have to follow the enlisted steps to reboot the BT hub for fixing internet not working issue:

  • First of all turn off the power button on BT hub
  • Then wait for a while and turn on the BT hub power button again
  • Now see the color of LED indicating different conditions of BT hub
  • Blue light indicates that internet is working fine, while red light shows no connection
  • Next, you have to check that all cables are connected properly

Check Broadband Status:

  • In case the LED is indicating no connection, then check the local area status of BT broadband
  • If you are using BT internet on smartphone then turn off the WiFi
  • Next, turn on your mobile data to check whether BT broadband is down in your area

Use Network Cable:

If blue light is flashing in hub still internet is not working, then BT Broadband connection problem may be due to WiFi. Therefore, you have to use a network cable to fix the error, as discussed below:

  • Find a network cable and connect BT hub directly with your device by using it
  • Then restart you device and check whether internet is working or not
  • If internet is still not working then the issue is with the BT hub
  • If yellow LED is flashing on the hub, it means that WiFi is disabled
  • Now, you have to login as admin in the BT hub to fix the error

Use Test Socket:

  • Firstly, plug in the router to a phone socket instead of extension
  • If still not working then open the socket to find hidden test socket
  • Then plug in the router directly to this hidden socket

Use Landline:

  • Connect the master socket directly with the landline
  • Then listen to the dial tone, or report the fault through the mobile app of BT broadband
  • Next, an engineer will visit to check and resolve the BT internet not working issue

How to connect a phone to BT Wi-Fi?

You can browse the internet, send emails, use social media, listen to music, stream movies or games, etc. using the BT Wi-Fi app. If you want to know how do I connect my phone to BT Wi-Fi, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Install The BT Wi-Fi app and sign-in. BT Wi-Fi app is available in all Android and Apple devices. You can access it on SmartPhones, tablets and all other devices. You can download it from your app store. When prompted, you will be asked to enter your BT username and password. If you don't remember the credentials, follow the steps to reset it. Once you enter the username and password, the app will remember it, so that there is no delay in internet access.

2. Find a BT Wi-Fi Hotspot. Once the app set up is done, it will use your current location to display the list of all nearby premium hotspots. You can choose one, and the app will show its location on the map, along with the distance.

3. Connect to the Hotspot. In the case of Android, you will be automatically logged in, once you reach in the range of the hotspot. For iOS, you have to go to the Wi-Fi settings of the device. Once it is done, next time onwards, it will connect automatically.

4. Find more Hotspots and use filters. You can tap the hotspot icon on Android or Find a hotspot option in iOS. You will get the list of all hotspots in your area. The background colours will show how far or near is the hotspot. You can also enter a place where you will be visiting to check the hotspots in that area.

5. Hotspot Alert Settings. You can head to the Settings app and set the notification for the connection of BT Wi-Fi hotspot. 

If you are facing the issue of BT Wi-Fi not working, you can contact the technical support. The executives will assist you with all the queries and issues related to BT Wi-Fi. You can contact them using the info available on BT's official website.

Therefore, some best methods to fix BT internet WiFi issue are explained above, which will help you in fixing the problem efficiently Apart from that, you can connect directly to the technical support team of BT broadband. You can share the BT internet not working issue with them and get a better solution to deal with the error.

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