AVG Antivirus is not Working? Know the Reasons here

AVG antivirus software isn’t functioning smoothly. This indicates that your PC isn’t protected against spyware, malware, viruses, and phishing attacks. You must troubleshoot AVG before downloading files, browsing the internet, making payments, and sending emails to secure your data. If you have important documents to protect them from leaks, disconnect your computer from the internet till AVG is operational. Let’s figure out why your AVG Antivirus is not Working. 

Reasons why your AVG Antivirus isn’t working

Why AVG Antivirus won't open? These can be the causes of the obstacles in your AVG virus: 

  • If your subscription expires.
  • The antivirus isn’t correctly installed
  • Installed another antivirus. 
  • Not using the latest version of AGV antivirus. 

Keep reading to know How to fix AVG antivirus won't open problem? It is annoying when you are dealing with security issues causing you inconvenience. If you have ended up in this situation, relax, take a deep breath, and check the issue with your AntiVirus. 

Find the problem 

When to Troubleshooting AVG Protection. Users can find if something isn’t right: 

  • AntiVirus alert the service users by notifying them when application components are turned off. 
  •  Check the notification area of your Window taskbar displays for the “you are unprotected” message. 
  • In case you cannot open the AVG AntiVirus or see the AVG AntiVirus application desktop icon. 

Keep an eye on the protection status, open AVG Antivirus to check the status. A green light with “You are fully protected”/you have essential protection” refers to a complete shield. And red status indicates you need to take action to guard your system. 

What are the Corrective Measures Users can take? 

What to do if AVG antivirus is not Activefollow the instructions shared below: 

Check Installation: 

  • Right-click on the Window start button. 
  • Choose Apps and Features available in the Menu. 
  • Make sure that AVG Internet Security/AVG AntiVirus Free is visible in the list. 

If this doesn’t appear indicates your application isn’t installed on the computer. 

Check subscription status:

  • Click on AVG AntiVirusa and go to Menu. 
  • Select My Subscription. 
  • Under the Subscription section, check Active next to AVG Internet Security/ AVG AntiVirus Free. 

These same steps need to be followed if you have to check the validity of your subscription. 

Look for Updates:

AntiVirus is updated from time to time to improve security. So ensure you are using the latest AVG Internet Security/ AVG AntiVirus free version. To get the information, follow the steps: 

  • Open the AVG AntiVirus and check the Menu.
  • Go to About. 
  • Select the option at the top of the screen: Software version, virus definitions version, number of definitions, UI version

Still, facing trouble? Consider reinstalling your AntiVirus by following a simple guide: 

  • Uninstall your AVG AntiVirus.
  • Restart your computer. 
  • Press Window Key + E Key simultaneously to open File Explorer. 
  • Type C:\Program Files\into the address bar. 
  • The AVG folder already exists here, Delete it from the context menu. 
  • Now, you can reinstall the AVG AntiVirus. 

Facing any issues, you can call customer support or AVG support. Follow on social media to get the latest information about the products. Visit the website for more information. 

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