YouTube Account Suspended How To Get It Back

Learn How to Get Back Suspended YouTube-Account Hassle-Free!

YouTube is such a video application that can be considered as the best source of incoming videos. These videos can be based on any genre where a user can easily comment and even like the video. Also, YouTube can be used to promote your videos on anything with the help of a YouTube account. This YouTube Account is also considered to be your channel where you can even earn money based on likes, comments, shares, and views. And to earn more if you have spread your account to make it popular then you might not be aware that this can also turn into a nightmare. As there can be many users who can misuse the information and hence you might have to pay for it.

And as a result of this, you found that your YouTube account has been suspended. Now, this can come to you as bad news and if you want to know how to get your account back then you may read the steps below.

Reasons for Suspension of YouTube Account! 

  1. If any of your content delivered is a severe case of abuse or is spam. 
  2. Continuous violations of guidelines and terms of service even after a warning. 
  3. The account is showing a policy violation. 

And after learning the reasons then you can learn YouTube account suspended how to get back steps that are explained further in this article. 

Learn How to Recover a YouTube Account if Suspended! 

When a YouTube account gets suspended then an email is sent to the user’s account to notify him. In the same way, you might have received an email about the action taken by YouTube for your account. So, to get back, you can follow the steps below. 

If you open your YouTube and try to log into the account then you will be redirected to the “Unable to Access Google Product” page. 

From the display in front of you, tap on the “Contact Us” option and you will see a form getting displayed on your screen. 

A new screen displayed a form where the user needs to mention three things: 

  1. The email address that you use in Google Account. 
  2. The email address by which Youtube officials can contact you. 
  3. Explain the reason for your suspension is not valid with possible proofs. 
  4. Tap on the “Submit” option and your email will be submitted and you will be notified on the Gmail which you entered in the form.

How To Restore The Suspended YouTube Channel

However, back in time, many users have reported the issue of YouTube Channel Suspended. In general, YouTube does not suspend the account easily. Multiple factors can lead to this issue. So, to help users with YouTube account suspension here, are some of the reasons for account suspension and procedure to restore the suspended YouTube account. 

Reasons for YouTube account suspension

Well, many users have a query on Why YouTube Channel Suspended. So, to help them out here, they can check out the reasons for YouTube account suspensions. Currently, the Google policies have defined two basic grounds for suspending YouTube account that include:

Frequent violation of the Terms of service or Community guidelines

Recurrent Copyright violations

Besides, the Copyright infringements and violation of Terms of service, other reasons can lead to the suspension of YouTube account: 

Encouraging other users to violate the Terms of Service, Terms of use of various social media platforms, game publishers, software or to commit a crime. 

Channels that are launched for policy violations like hate speeches, harassment, and more.   

Channels that go way beyond to influence the metrics, views, and other factors

How to restore a suspended YouTube account?

Well, for the users who have a query on How to get back my suspended YouTube channel, the rules might be different, and to restore a YouTube account, the user might require to take a different action. 

Initially, the owner of the channel is given a warning before they strike. 

After that, there would be increased restrictions on the channel.

Lastly, information about the alleged violations will be provided.

  1. Restoring channel suspended for the violation of Community Guidelines

Well, if the user believes that they have not violated any community guide, it is required that they submit an appeal form starting the channel ID and wait for the response. 

  1. Restoring channel suspended for Copyright infringement

In this particular case, the user is required to file a counter-notification, if they believe they have not violated any rules.

Besides, for more info to resolve YouTube Channel Suspended issue, one can contact the support for requried help and regain access to their channel.

And after this, your account activity and the request will be taken into consideration. As a result of which, if your reasoning is good then you can get back your YouTube account within a few hours. Also, you get the answer for your queries on how to recover suspended YouTube account in just 2 hours with the help of the above information and steps. 

Reaching Out to YouTube Customer Support!

After your consideration is cancelled and you are not satisfied then there is another way by which you can get the assistance. And this is customer support by Youtube. This customer support is 24/7 active and will be helping you resolve your issue in a short period.

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