How do I fix Google Play Services error?

How Do I Fix Play Store Server Error?

Google play store is also known as google play and is operated by Google. And google play is mainly used to install apps on android phones. While using, if you are getting the google play store server down notification, then there might be many factors responsible for that. Moreover, those details you can locate at the bottom with their solution to eradicate the issues.

 Play Store Server Error df-dferh-01

When you can identify the cause of receiving the error notification, then by applying the solutions that have been stated with it, you might be able to fix this. And the solution is as follows:-

Clear cache 

When you are using the application, it stores data in the form of a cache, and if there is enough data stored, you might get a notification such as play store server error df-dferh-01. And to clear this, follow the steps as stated beneath:-

  • Open the setting option from your device 

  • And then click on the app option 

  • Now, choose the google play store option

  • After that, click on the clear cache option.

Uninstall updates

When you install an application, it gets an update from time to time with the new features. Similarly, you get an update for the play store after installation, and if you are getting a Google play store server error, then there could be issues with the update. Moreover, to fix this, you can try to uninstall the updates by getting to the play store. Afterward, reinstall the updates, and then you might not face similar issues.

Set date and time 

If you have manually changed the date and time setting on your device and after the up gradation of Google Play, you are getting errors on the server. In this situation, you can try to switch it to automatic mode and restart your device. Furthermore, you might not receive Google play store server error retry popup. But when you get a notification again, you can apply the solution stated below.

Check wifi and cellular data 

You might get these error, if you are on the internet via wifi or mobile data plan. And the reason for that can be the unstable of the internet connecting on either of the plans. And to get to fix the google play server error, you can try to switch the connection. Such as, if you are using the mobile data, then you get to the wifi, and the wifi consumer can switch to cellular data.

Log out and log in 

In order to run google play, you need to sign in with your authenticated credential, and this also might be a reason to cause an error in its server. In this case, sign out from your account and try to log in again. So this method can pull you out of these popup messages.

 So, by using the option that has been mentioned here, you can eliminate the issue, such as the play store error retrieving information from server. And when these options aren't useful, you can grab help from google customer service.

How to FIX Google Play error 403

Here is the step by step process on to fix error on Google play -

Step 1: Now go to Settings -> All and then select “Google Play Store“
Step 2: Tap or Select Force Stop. Then tap/select Clear Data and then Clear Cache.

Step 3: Once this is done, try & install the app now. If it still doesn’t works, then proceed to Step 4

Step 4: Go to Application Settings -> All -> Play Store and Choose Uninstall Updates.

Step 5 Re-open Play Store and wait a few minutes (make sure your phone can access the Internet).

Test, if you are now able to download the app. If not, then proceed to step 6.

Step 6: Go back to Settings -> Accounts. Remove your account, and add it back.
est, if you are now able to download the app. If not, then proceed to step 7.

Go to Settings -> Wireless and Network -> “Choose your Network APN” and then select “Clear Proxy Option” OR

Google Play Store: error 500? How to fix it


The full error message is: "Play store App could not be downloaded due to an error - 500".

First of all, open the settings on your Android device.

Scroll down a bit and open the menu point "Apps" or "application Manager". The description may vary according to perfect something.

Are you in the category "All" to the "Google Play Store".

Just Tap the Button "clear data delete" and "Cache". First the settings will be lost, important content remain.

Do this step also for the application of "Google Service Framework". At the up-to-date after the reboot, the Google Play Store should work again.

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