Why Am I Not Receiving A Confirmation Code From Twitter

If You are Not Getting a Confirmation Code from Twitter, Here's the Solution

Do you know that approximately 350,000 tweets are posted every minute worldwide, which gives an idea about Twitter's heavy user base? If you want a solution on Why am I not receiving a confirmation code from Twitter? this article will help resolve your problem if you are not getting a confirmation code from Twitter. 

Let's See the Solution on Why You are Not Getting Confirmation Code from Twitter

It is important to understand the problem and then discuss the solution. Twitter has devised easy solutions to resolve your query at the earliest. Mentioned below are some of the easiest methods to fix the problem of Twitter not sending verification codes. 

Verify if your phone number is added to your Twitter profile:

To send you a verification code, Twitter requires your mobile number, which should be added to your profile.

Update your Phone's Settings:

Whenever you change your network carrier or mobile device, you must update Twitter's settings. To update the settings, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to Twitter's login page.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Now, Twitter will require an OTP to log in.
  4. Finally, enter the backup code and follow the on-screen instructions to log in to your account.

The Reasons and Solutions to Why You Are Not Able to Receive a Confirmation Code via SMS

A confirmation code sent by Twitter over your registered mobile number might take a while to reflect in your mobile phone. It is advisable to wait patiently for at least two minutes before signing in to your account. Let us discuss the solutions and resolve your query on Why is Twitter SMS not working.

Kindly verify if your phone is turned on correctly if logged in to your account.

Your mobile device might be in airplane mode; thus, you would be required to create the code again. Follow the below-mentioned steps to generate a confirmation code on the Twitter iOS and Twitter android.

  1. Go to your phone settings.
  2. Click on 'Profile' and select 'Settings and Privacy' for Twitter on iOS.
  3. Click on the navigation menu and select 'Settings and Privacy' for Twitter on Android.
  4. Tap on 'Account' and then tap on 'Security.'
  5. Now tap on the login code generator, and the system will generate the code to log in to your account.

Suppose you cannot log in to your account even after the aforementioned solutions. In that case, there might be a problem with your mobile phone, and you might have another question unanswered, "Why is Twitter not accepting my phone number?" There might be a problem with your mobile device; try to restart or reconfigure the network settings.

Different Ways to Get Verification Code Without the Phone Number

Below are the methods which you can follow to get the confirmation code without the phone number.

Email Account

Twitter allows you to reset your password or verify your account with the help of your email address. If you do not have your phone number, you can get the confirmation code via email address.

Backup Code

Twitter provides you a backup code when you set up a two-way factor authentication that you can use if your mobile phone number is unavailable.

Submit a Ticket with Twitter

If still, you cannot get a verification code without a phone number, you can submit a ticket with Twitter's customer support.

Hopefully, your query on "how can I get my Twitter verification code without my phone" is resolved now.

How To Bypass Twitter Email Verification:

If you are dealing with the question How to bypass Twitter email verification, then you should go through the detailed pointers which we have provided out in the below-mentioned pointers; 

  • Firstly the users are needed to visit the official web page of Twitter.
  • After reaching out to the official page, you get to find out the “Account & Settings”, which is on the left side of the web page.
  • In this step click on the option of “Account” and move to click out “Security”.
  • Now you are automatically redirected to the login verification page and turn out the option of “Login Verification”.
  • After completing the fourth step, it will ensure that Twitter will not take out the additional information while you sign in to your account.

Let us check out the details of bypassing out the Twitter phone number:

After reading out the above-mentioned instructions, the query ofTwitter phone verification bypass gets solved. If you have additional questions that are required to ask, you can go through the live person of the customer service department.

See the steps of changing out the phone number on Twitter in case if it has locked:

Sometimes the users are needed to deal with the question How do I change my phone number on Twitter if it is locked. Go through the below-mentioned pointers to get out an overview:

  • Firstly the users are required to login out of their accounts. It should be through your mobile browser.
  • In this step, users are needed to go through the Mobile Settings.
  • Now you get to find the space to add the new phone number. Delete the old phone number & put out the new one in the provided box.
  • Click out the option of “Continue”.
  • After completing the fourth step, you will automatically get the verification code through the SMS.
  • Put out the code in the space provided, and the number has changed.

See the procedure of adding out the phone number to the account:

Sometimes the users stuck out in the question, “How do I add a phone number to my Twitter”. Then go through the below-mentioned pointers carefully:

  • Firstly, the users must tap down the “More” icon and choose the option of “Settings & Privacy” from the drop-down menu.
  • Now click the option of “Your account” and select the “Account Information” option.
  • In this step, select the option of Phone.
  • After completing the third step, tap out the option of Add Phone Number & Verify The password. Users are not needed to put their country verification code and click on the option of “Continue”.
  • You automatically get out the verification code through SMS and put your information in the provided box.
  • Finally, your phone number gets changed.

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