How To Unlock iPhone Without Passcode Or Face Id

Sometimes purchase uses the second-hand iPhone that is locked with the Faceid or password. Now in this way, no one can break the system and it creates a problem for the user. Even it may happen that due to some glitch it is not accepting the face id and passcode. Though, it is something that people face quite often. 

Ways To Unlock iPhone without Face id or Passcode

If you are facing the same issue and looking for how to unlock iPhone without a face id or passcode then you can read the ways below, We have come up with certain ways that can help you.

Method #1: Use iTunes to unlock iPhone 

You have to direct some steps and make sure that you follow each and every step mentioned below. Here make sure that your account or iPhone is sync with iTunes. 

  • Now, here you have to open the iPhone iTunes on the system, you can use any device, like desktop or laptop or tablet 
  • Next, click on the login where you can see the space where you need to provide the information regarding the ID and password 
  • Further, click on the please try another method to login to the account 
  • Next, you have to set the recovery page, now quickly press the volume up and then move to the down key. You have to hold it until you can see the iTunes page 
  • Now, you can see the option for the recovery and update 
  • Click on the recovery and wait for a certain period and you can see the passcode and all have been removed

Method #2: Use recovery mode to unlock iPhone 

  • First of all, you require a USB cable in this method. Now, launch the iTunes  
  • Again, you have to use the volume up and down where you have to press it long so that you can see the recovery option along with the update 
  • It will automatically take a few minutes and then face Id and password will be removed

During this process, make sure you use the iPhone, no mac computer or laptop. Otherwise, you cannot run this process. 

Method #3: Use Find my Phone

Yes, with find my phone, you can easily recover the account as well as you can remove the face Id as well as a passcode.

  • Go to the find my phone and it should be enabled in your phone
  • You have to move to the devices that are available 
  • Here you need to use your Apple ID and iCloud account password, further you can see the page option for the find my phone 
  • Click on the erase option, and then you can use the passcode, and then you can confirm the choices 

After completing this process, you can restore the data so that you can easily restore the important information.

Method #4: Use Third-Party Tool to Unlock the Device

This is something that you can use at the last moment when the above-mentioned one is not working for you. There are certain tools that can help you remove the password and then you can easily use the device. You can go for the authentic one and search for that in the provided space.

Now, you must get an idea of How do you unlock an iPhone without the passcode or Touch IDMake sure you follow each and every step to overcome the issue and set the passcode for you.

How To Unlock an iPhone without Losing Data?

iPhone is the Apple device that is widely used by users for their personal use. iPhone is the device that has been the most selling product of Apple company. But sometimes it has been seen that the user uses many passwords for different accounts. Then it is quite natural that the user might get mixed up sometimes with the passwords that he/she sets. But many a time’s people search for the way through which they get to know about How to unlock iphone without losing data, so that without any loss of data the iPhone of the user gets unlocked in a simple way.

Then for that here are you should follow these below-mentioned methods to solve your issue of unlocking without losing data;

Part: 1 – Using iTunes;

  • Firstly use the lightning cable to connect your iPhone to the PC & then launch iTunes & if asked for the passcode, reboot your phone while connected to the computer
  • In the iTunes window select your iPhone & then click on restore backup
  • On the next screen you get series of the backup list, there select the most recent & click on restore
  • Then you may be asked to switch off find my phone, at this point initiate recovery mode
  • Now keep holding the buttons until you get the recovery mode
  • Then a restore message will pop up on iTunes, there click on restore & update & complete the process
  • Then iPhone will restart & be assured that it is connected up until the sync completes.

Using iCloud:

  • Once again follow the first step of the above-mentioned process
  • Initiate the recovery mode on your iPhone (refer to above method how to do this)
  • Then click on the restore & update & follow the on-screen instructions so to download the latest version of iOS
  • Now provide the Apple ID & password  
  • Once complete setup iPhone as if it is a new device, by following the on-screen instructions
  • Now on the backstage tap restore from iCloud back
  • Now select your latest backup & click on restore, & just ensure that Wi-Fi signals is strong throughout the process
  • Once the process is complete, your data is restored.

Now if you want to know about the other Unlock iPhone Passcode Without Losing Data so that your process could be done with more ease.

Then you must follow these below-mentioned steps too;

1. Using iMy-Fone Lock-Wiper:

  • Download, install & launch iMyFone Lock-Wiper on your PC/Mac, then select unlock screen passcode mode
  • Then click on the start button & connect your iphone to the PC or Mac using the cable
  • Now download the firmware package for your iPhone
  • Now when the package extraction is finished, click on start unlock
  • After that enter 000000 to confirm & start the unlocking process
  • At last your iPhone will get unlocked without using a screen passcode.

2. Using the Recovery Mode:

  • Leave your iPhone on idle mode & connected to any computer
  • Put the device on the recovery mode that you will find in the method 1 process
  • When it enters the recovery mode, the iTunes window will pops up & then click restore iPhone. This will wipe your device & restore it to factory settings
  • At last click on restore & iPhone will get restored automatically.

Contact Apple Support: in case you didn’t back up your data, then you are advised to contact Apple Online Chat Support for further help & assistance.

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