How To Remove Suspended App from Google Play

A comprehensive guide to remove suspended app from Google Play and restore the same

For years, Google is known for offering its users the best of services and products. Moreover, to safeguard the user's interest, Google has even introduced various policies that one needs to abide by to create a safe environment for both users and the developers. 

Removal of a suspended app from Google Play Store

Further, for the developers who have uploaded their apps on Google Play Store, they are offered a certain set of rules that one needs to follow to make the app available to the Google users. However, lately, a lot of users have enquired how to remove suspended app from Google play? Well, as per the official statement of Google, the applications cannot be removed from that are suspended because of policy violations. However, the package IDs for the app cannot be reused in the future. 

Besides, for the users who have installed a suspended app on their device, they are notified a push notification that one can opt to remove the particular app from their device.

Further, to get a clear picture of the matter, the user can reach out to Google support for assistance and verify the app upload status and recovery of the suspended app. 

Why Google Play account goes under suspension?

Post app suspension, if the Google Play account of the developer is being suspended and they are failing to understand the reason behind Why Google play account suspendedthey can check out the information mentioned below and plan out their actions accordingly. 

  • After publishing an app with Google Play, one agrees to abide by the Developer distribution agreement and Developer program policies. 
  • Further, the application suspension is marked as strikes for the Google Play developer account and several removals and warnings may lead to account suspension. 
  • Further, multiple suspensions on the particular Google Play account may even lead to termination.

Thus, with this one can conclude that the multiple suspension of an application uploaded from a particular Google Play account may lead to the suspension and termination of the account. 

Restoring access to the suspended to Google Play Store

However, for the users who believe that their account has been suspended by mistake, they can file an appeal by visiting the Google support page and following the instructions mentioned below: 

  • On the contact Google Play page, select an answer for the account suspension. 
  • Further, make a selection, if the app was removed by an error. 
  • Then, the user is offered an option to fill up a contact form where one can fill up the details regarding their developer name, email, phone number, and other agreements.
  • After that, the developer can submit the appeal and wait until their Google Play account is restored.

Thus, this the complete details on Why Google play account suspended and what are the ways to restore access to the Google Play account instantly. 

How can one restore a suspended app on Google Play Store?

For the developers whose app has been suspended and are looking for the details on how they can restore their app, they can check out the complete procedure to republish the suspended app.

But, before heading on with the process to restore a suspended app, one needs to understand the reason why an app has been suspended by Google.  

Reasons for app suspension by Google

As per Google Play Program Policies, an app can be suspended under the following circumstances. 

  • When the app consists of restricted content like illegal activities, unapproved substances, or child endangerment. 
  • Impersonation
  • Breach of privacy and device abuse
  • Minimum functionality and spam issues
  • Malware
  • MUws

Apart from the infringement of the Developer Distribution Agreement can also lead to the suspension of the application. Thus, these are few reasons why an app of the developer is suspended. However, for the developers who believe that their app was suspended by an error, they can make check out the detailed procedure on they can file an appeal to restore the suspended app.  

Restoring a suspended app

As discussed earlier, suspension of an app is considered as a strike towards the account. So, for the users who think that their app was suspended by an error and looking for details on How I Restored My App on Google Play After Suspension, here are the instructions that one can follow to restore access to their uploaded app. 

  • For restoring a suspended app, the user needs to visit the official Google Play Store support page.
  • Here, the user needs to opt for the restoration of the suspended app.
  • Then, the user selects the appeal option and proceeds with the process.
  • Here, the user can explain why their app needs to be restored in 1000 characters and submit the same.

Post submitting the appeal, the user needs to wait for a while. And if the reason is found reasonable, then the appeal of the user might get accepted by Google. 

In case, if the appeal of the user is accepted, the user can re-publish the app on Google Play Store:

  • Now, the user needs to recreate the app with a new name, new content and avoid the reasons that lead to the previous suspension. 
  • Then, the user is required to click on the resubmit app button and provide the new app name along with the description for the new app file. 
  • After that, the user can submit the changes and wait for approval.

Once the new app file has been approved, the user can enable the Admob Ads for the new app file. So, for re-enabling the ads, the user can again submit an appeal and link the same with the changed app.

Thus, the query on How I Restored My App on Google Play After Suspension is resolved. Besides, for the users who still have queries, they can feel free to reach out to Google Play support for assistance. 

Reaching out to Google Play Support

On the Google Play support page, look for ways to reach out to support. Further, select an option for the issue and select the email and live chat services as per the availability and manage their Google Play account services and apps.

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