How To Recover Mi Account Id And Password

Can I Recover My Mi Account?

YES, customers have the option to recover their MI account because in case they forgot their account password or username. They move to the choice of an alternate email account or phone number option & sometimes they use the third alternate option, security questions. 

But in some scenarios, it is looked on this that customers don’t know about Can I recover my mi account, then MI users can apply to regain access using the MI account recovery form accessible for every customer.

How Do I Recover My Mi Id And Password?

Generally, there are various options through which you can quite smoothly & conveniently recover your MI ID & password & to know about the procedure for How do I recover my MI ID and password then there is recovery phone, email account & security question options for the best way out for your solutions.

The Following Are The Ways Explained Below For Your Reference & Guidance, So Go Step By Step:

Support Via Recovery Phone Number: the alternate phone number recovery option is used as the first tool to get recovery for your MI ID & password & to know its process; follow these steps;

  • First off, you need to open the recovery MI ID page via a web browser
  • Then you will need to type your username/id & click continue
  • Now you will tap on forgot password tab
  • Therein you will have to choose an alternate phone option from the recovery list
  • Now you will click on send verification code button & you will get code onto your number 
  • After that, enter the code within the given field & continue 
  • Lastly, you will have to receive a reset password page to set a new password for MI ID.

Security Question Support: to use the security question, you need to get to the recovery page, enter your username & continue. Now you will select security questions on the password recovery page & appropriately provide answers to security questions & you will get recovery for your MI ID & password.

What Is Recovery Phone In Mi Account?

The recovery phone is the phone number option is used to recover your account if you don’t have access to it & now to know What is recovery phone in Mi account, is like the first & foremost option used in MI ID recovery. You will receive the verification code & quite conveniently, you can recover your account with the recovery phone number that you enter at the starting of account creation.

How Can I Change my MI Recovery Phone Number?

As per some relevant issues, sometimes customer looks for the procedure through which they want to change MI recovery phone number & now to know about How Can I Change my MI Recovery phone number then for that you need to follow some convenient & straightforward steps for guidance;

  • First of all, go to the settings tab. 
  • Then therein click on the Mi account option.
  • Now tap on the Account security option. 
  • Therein you will get the recovery phone tab & there click on change phone number & you need to prefix the correct country code. 
  • Now tap on the next button & type the verification code that you will receive & lastly, the process is done.


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