How Do I Get my Sprint Account Number and PIN

Sprint Account Number and PIN

Customers using Sprint are aware of services like internet and IP, wireless phone, wireless data, conferencing, relay services, landline phone services, etc. Sometimes you need to manage your services or make changes to the plan. In such times you look for your account number and pin but do not remember what it was or how to find it. Do not fret because this article will answer everything you wish to know and understand

How do I get my Sprint account number and PIN? 

The account number and the pin associated with your Sprint account are not something you use every day. It is very natural if you forget the sequence of numbers. To find your numbers,

  • Using any web browser, sign in to
  • You must have your user name password for this step.
  • Open the "My Preference."
  • Here you can view the account number. It is visible next to each nickname.

Another way to find out is through the bill.

Account Number: This is a 9- digit number. You can find it at the top center of your bill.

PIN: This is the same as the call-in passcode you use when calling customer care. This number can be set up or changed through the online account. 

  • Use the previous steps to sign in to your Sprint account.
  • Select the "My Sprint" option
  • Here at the bottom, you can update or view PIN information

Logging into Sprint account without Account and PIN

It is very common for customers who have lost their account number and PIN to wonder if "Can I still log in to My Sprint account?" You will be glad you don't need your PIN or account number. Your login id and password are enough to get you to open your account.

Old Account

People need different plans as their lives grow and they move forward. Sometimes the change in plan is too drastic or difficult to achieve by simple modifications in the current plans. This could lead the technical team to suggest creating a new account. Often people need to compare the plan with the old one or simply want to resume the old account. If you need to know, "How can I access my old Sprint account?" Keeping records of unused accounts is not usually done. If the account was closed, then accessing it becomes less. If customers have not used their account have not been too long, you can try to access the account with your associated login and password.

Checking Sprint Account

Your account can give you details related to your plan, and this can be viewed in much the same way as logging into your account. You can find the details on the login page or choose to get the information through a call. When you call customer care asking, "How do I check my Sprint account?" but,

When you place the call, you can dial 

  • *4 and *5(for Spanish) to check the minutes left.
  • *3 to make payment.
  • *2 to check data usage, nearest Sprint store, and balance

For customers still facing some issues, you can connect with customer care either online or through the call center number. The tech team is very supportive and well trained.

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