How can I recover my WhatsApp account without phone number

Suppose you want to recover your Whatsapp account as you have lost a phone, or there can be other reasons. So, you are suggested to go through the discussion to know how to recover it without a phone number. 

Can I get my WhatsApp verification code by email

Suppose you are re-creating your account or a new account, and you are wondering whether Whatsapp sends a verification code through email; you are advised to go through the points mentioned:

  • It does not send verification codes by email. 
  • It will ask you to enter your mobile number, and you will receive a verification code on your phone number. 
  • If you have lost your old mobile number or cannot make an account on it again, you are advised to contact the technical team, who will guide you in all the possible ways. 

How can I use my old WhatsApp number without verification

As far as the verification method is concerned, you are ineligible to use an old number without verification because it sends a verification code that is required to be filled out for security purposes. If you have a new number on your device, you can make a new account, and the steps are the following:

  • Install the WhatsApp application on your device.
  • Enter your phone number to get a verification code.
  • Enter your verification code which you might have received.
  • Type your name and other information.
  • And you are all set to use the chat services. 

How to Recover WhatsApp Account without Old Phone Number

There is always a query raised by users from across the globe about whether they can recover their accounts without entering an old phone number. So, the answer is No. It does not provide you with this facility.

However, you can recover all the data, storage, and chat from an old account to a new phone number, and the steps for it are the following:

  • Primarily you have to set up an account on your new device and make sure you have backed up data. 
  • In your WhatsApp settings, you will find the option to Change your phone number. 
  • Once you change, all your data, photos, videos, contacts, and chats will be saved, and you can utilize them from a new phone number. 

How can I get my old WhatsApp account back

There can be many instances when people switch to their new mobile devices and look for an old account to be re-created. So, to do so, you are advised to look at the steps carefully, which are mentioned below, and these points will indeed help you in all the ways:

  • First, you are advised to install the Whatsapp Application on your device. 
  • Secondly, you have to enter your phone number to get verified by them. 
  • Once you are verified, make sure your device is backed up to your Google account. 
  • There, you will find the option to restore your chat and other essential data. 
  • In case you are stuck in setting up an account or restoring data, you can get in touch with the customer executive, and they will provide your resolutions. 


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