Facebook Not Sending Login Code To Phone

Not Getting a Login Code from Facebook? Here is all you need to do

Facebook is one of the most famous social media platforms used by a large number of people across the globe. It connects people from different cultures, society and origin to each other and allows them to share their special moments with all their friends using a single platform.

Many times users face some issues in logging in to their Facebook account. To resolve this issue users generally recover their accounts by resetting the password. But sometimes users don’t get the verification code through mail or text because of which the password recovery procedure remains incomplete. Here, in this guide users will get the solution for the Facebook not sending login code issue. It will surely help them in recovering their Facebook account by resetting the account password.

Process To Reset The Facebook Account Password

  1. Use a preferred web browser to head over to the Facebook login page.
  2. Now in the given space enter the Facebook username.
  3. Now click on the Forgot Password option.
  4. Two verification options will be shown on the screen. User needs to select any one from- email or phone.
  5. Check for the verification code on the selected verification option.
  6. Now reset the Facebook password and confirm the password.
  7. Log in to the Facebook account to check whether the new password is working or not.

If a user does not get a verification code from facebook then he/she will not be able to recover the Facebook account so resolving this issue becomes even more important.

Possible Reason Behind Facebook not Getting Login Codes

There can be many reasons behind Facebook not sending sms code to reset password or email code to reset a password. Below given are the possible reasons behind the occurrence of this issue: 

  • If a user has asked for verification through mail and not getting a code then it may occur due to slow internet connectivity.
  • It may also happen due to some gmail related issue.
  • It is possible that the user's inbox is full of mail because of which user is not able to receive the verification code through mail.
  • If a user has requested for a verification through phone number but not getting a code then it is possible that there is some network issue due to which the user’s phone is not receiving any text messages.

There can be many other reasons also behind this issue. Read further to know the hacks to fix the Facebook login code not receiving issue. 

How To Fix Facebook not Sending Login Code?

Check the internet connection for receiving the code through gmail 

Check the internet connection to receive the Facebook login code through email. This issue may occur due to slow internet connection. It is possible that the code is not received due to bad internet connectivity.

Clear the gmail inbox  

Sometimes users are unable to receive new mail due to the large number of mail present in the Inbox. Clearing the inbox may resolve this issue and users may get the verification mail after this.

Check the spam box 

Sometimes these verification mail are received in the spam box so users can also check for the verification code mail in the spam box.

Check the phone networks for receiving the code through text 

If a user is not able to receive the Facebook login code through text message then he/she may check the phone networks. If the phone is out of network then users will not be able receive the login code through text.

Contact the network service provider

If the issue is not because of the network problem and still a user is not able to receive verification code through text then a user needs to contact the network service provider to get the issue resolved. 

After using the above given hacks if a user is still facing Facebook not sending login code then he/she may wait for 24 hours and try recovering the Facebook account again. A user can also contact the customer care service of Facebook to discuss the issue and get it resolved within no time.

How Can I Get The 6 Digit Facebook Security Code?

Facebook is an American company allowing billing of its users to interact with one another digitally. It offers a very complex technology in a simple and straight interface for the users. It needs a user to give the password to enter into its account. If the user is unable to do so, then he needs to finish the recovery process.

However, this only works when you have the 6 digits long verification code. Sometimes, it does not work properly and a user is unable to receive that code to use it. If you are also facing a similar situation, you need to go through the below method to get this code easily.

How to resolve Facebook Confirmation Code Not Received issue?

Many users always want to know the security code to fix the account recovery issue. Here, you just need to follow the methods which are discussed below for the users to understand:

Use the Correct process

A user should always use the correct method to gain the verification code that is 6 digits long. Here, you need to use the following steps to get the security code:

  • Visit the Facebook website and open the recovery section.
  • From recovery email ID and phone number, choose the one that is most suitable to you.
  • Refresh the inbox of your email or restart your phone to obtain the recovery code.

Ask the Help Center

You can also opt for the method of contacting the help center to get in touch with official Facebook representatives with these steps:

  • On the Facebook help center page, select live chat or phone number.
  • Use the selected service to contact the Facebook live person.
  • Ask the live person to resolve the code not receiving issues.

Eliminate The use of Facebook Verification Code

As a trump card, you should choose the trusted contact method to finish the account recovery process. In this case, you should follow these steps:

  • Go to the recovery page and start the trusted contact method.
  • Choose the contact and send the recovery key to him.
  • Get the code and use it to reset your account password.

Apart from this, you can gain technical assistance to solve the question of How do I get the 6 digit code for Facebook?. For this, connect with the technical support by using the service of customer support. Here, you can enjoy the 24/7/365 service to gain it from the Facebook representative.

Why Does Facebook Confirmation Code Stops Working?

Have you recently joined Facebook and just like all the other users, even you are finding it hard to get the account recovery code? If yes then don’t worry. At times despite entering all the correct and the verified details related to the account, a lot of people are not able to receive the recovery code.

The reasons behind not being able to receive the recovery code could be countless. And in order to resolve the issues related to Facebook confirmation code not working, you need to find out the reasons behind the problem.

Reasons behind not receiving the Facebook Confirmation Code

If you are pretty much worried why does my Facebook confirmation code not work then read the below given points that explain the reasons behind Facebook not generating the recovery code.

  1. First of all, if you enter the mobile number or the email to receive the recovery code but unable to get the recovery code then maybe the contact details you have given is not right.
  2. Secondly if you are unable to receive the code then maybe the internet connection is slow.
  3. Also the reason why Facebook code does not work is because of the lack of space in the inbox.

Steps to fix Facebook code issue

  1. If you are unable to receive the Facebook code then first of all check the phone number or the other contact details if its correct or not. Always double cross the email or the phone number if you want to receive the recovery code on Facebook.
  2. Try to ensure that there is full internet connection so that you would be able to receive the recovery code instantly.
  3. Also keep your inbox free from unwanted emails and messages so that the fresh messages will be uploaded immediately.

Alternate ways to fix Facebook not receiving any sort of recovery code

  • If you are using your phone to log in the Facebook and to request the recovery code then you won’t be able to receive any type of the recovery code. Hence to avoid this situation again try to log in the Facebook account on the desktop or the computer. If you try to request the recovery code on any other device except the phone, then it successfully gets transferred on the provided contact detail.
  • You can also try to use the mobile browser to log in the account by visiting the link of touch.Facebook.com. This way, you will be logging in more secure platform and have more features to log in the Facebook account.

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